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Gayann Hemmelman
I will be traveling to Peoria, IL and found your website on line. I was wondering the pricing of manicure,pedicure,facial, 60min massage for my best friend and I. I would like have the services provided together. Do you offer any discounts for booking 2 packages? Please send me any information you think would be benificial to me. I would be paying for both of us prior to the appt. Are you open on Mondays? Do you accept VISA? Where are you located in Peoria?
Natural Concepts
Re: Mrs.
Thank you for your questions, the pricing can be found on the website; please feel free to give us a call and we'll be happy to explain anything to you. Our packages do include discounts off services. Our most common package is the Girl's Day Out for $160. That includes a 1hour massage, 1hour facial, and a 1hour pedicure. There are multiple options for paying ahead of the service, we'd be happy to take care of that over the phone. We are certainly open on Mondays. Yes we accept Visa. And, we are located off of University street, across the street from the Metro Center in the Bremer Jewelry Plaza.
If you have anymore questions please give us a call at (309)693-9850.