Professional Hair Removal

From eyebrows to full body waxing and everything in between, Natural Concepts is the perfect choice for full service hair removal. We are one of the few exclusive salons in Central Illinois to carry Nufree Nudesse as our gold standard choice in hair removal. Here are just a few of the reasons why Nufree is the industry’s most effective hair removal treatment.
•    Nufree is NOT A WAX and never sticks to the skin, so that means less irritation and reduced redness for you!
•    Nufree is self-preserving antibacterial/ antimicrobial so it’s safe, clean and germ free.

We are also proud to use and carry Finipil. Finipil is a scientifically approved, patented, FDA registered OTC antiseptic which is applied on clients after and in between Nufree hair removal services. This antiseptic cream destroys 99.999% of bacteria and cools and soothes the skin while reducing redness and protecting the empty hair follicle. Also, Finipil protects against ingrown hairs and increases the time between hair removal treatments when used in conjunction with Nufree.